Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tonsils and Teeth

So little Kenadi is getting her tonsils out. Last week I took her into the doc. and she had strep throat again! For the past, i don't even know how many months, she is always sick. She's had strep three times, bronchitis, and always has a stuffy nose and sore throat. Her awesome pediatrician Dr. Marsden recommended that we go see a nose, ear and throat doctor to see about getting her tonsil out, so we took her in yesterday.

It was actually Dr. Marsdens dad that we saw! He was the cutest doc. ever! He was so funny :) He asked Kena if they taught tonsil growing classed at her school! He said that her tonsils were very big and that they were scarred from all the infections she has had. He also said that the strep she keeps getting is chronic and that even with the antibiotics she will just keep getting it. So this coming Tuesday is the big day. I don't know why I am nervous about it. I was her age when I got mine out and Chris was only 18 months old when he got his out. I guess its the thought of my little angel being put under anesthesia. Another thing that really sucks is we were going to go up to Heber for Spring Break next week. But I guess we will be housebound instead :(

Last night Kena lost her other front tooth. I totally got all teary eyed! I am such a dork, but she is just getting so big. I remember like it was yesterday when that tooth first came in :( But she was soooo excited. I love how she talks now, she totally can't say her S's!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring Fever

A couple of Sundays ago, on Valentines day, we had a fun little BBQ. It had been such nice weather all week, we all had spring fever! Our backyard is the size of nothing, but the day before Chris mowed it (which takes literally two minutes) and cleaned off our patio.
We got the girls both a hula hoop and a bubble gun for Valentines. So after church we had such a fun time hanging out in our backyard eating hot dogs :)
Too bad the 65 degree weather didn't last. This past weekend my Dad and Jamie came down. Seriously every time he comes down he brings the crappy weather with him lol! But we still had a good time. Kena and Kam had been talking about it for weeks, so they were ecstatic when they finally got here. Of course it helped that they brought surprises and Aunt Jamie spoiled them by taking them to buy a toy! It was my Dads birthday on Sunday, so Saturday night he, Jamie, Chris and I all went to Mesquite and ate the buffet at the Eureka. I just wish that they could have stayed a little longer, but it was still super fun to see them!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Last week I got a call from Kenadi's teacher Mrs. Echols. She told me that Kenadi was getting a special award at the assembly on Thursday and asked us to come but not tell her because she had no idea. So Chris, Kam, Grandma Cindy and I all went. She was so funny, they called her name and she was so surprised. Each month the school has a characteristic that they focus on. February was LOVE. The teachers each choose one child that they think best show the characteristic and then they get to be called up in the assembly and get a certificate.
Afterwards Kena told us that she never gets called and that she always thinks in her mind, "call Kenadi Cherry, call Kenadi Cherry . . ." So she was so super excited. She is such a kind little girl. We are so proud of her :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Button, button who's got the BUTTON !!!

LOL, I am so great at keeping a blog! Well once a month is better than nothing!
We have had such a fun February. At the first of this month we got a dog! I have been begging Chris to let me get a little puppy. I wanted a teacup Yorkie . . . he laughed when I told him how much they were. So a friend of my family, Brittaney, was breeding her Yorkie with a Shih Tzu. I totally bugged my dad about it and even got Brittaney buttering him up to buy me one! Ha ha, I really didn't think that he would actually do it. So Chris basically said that if could find a free dog, that I could get one. Yeah pretty much though my getting a dog was never going to happen, I have expensive taste . . . . even in dogs :) I mean, seriously, who would give away a Yorkie for free. Uh, well at work I have a friend Kathy who posted on Face Book that she was wanting to get rid of her pure breed Yorkie. I called her immediately and said that I had to have it. She brought little 'Buttons' to our house that same day. My girls were soooo excited. Chirs was just in shock, he figured that I would actually never find a FREE dog that I wanted. Honestly I was a little disappointed because she was bigger than I had hoped (12 lbs) , she was not a little tiny puppy and turned out to actually be and old lady! The biggest kicker was that night I called my dad to tell him about Buttons, he kinda sounded a little funny. He finally told me that he had just called Brittaney a few days before and told her to save one for him, because he was going to surprise me. I was totally bummed :(
Kathy had only had her for about a year and a half, and she was told that she was 3 yrs old. Well we check out her papers and she is actually NINE! But she is such a well trained, good behaved, playful, and just all around a SWEET little dog. And Chris even likes her, though he won't admit it!
K, well I totally just wrote a novel, so I guess I will save the rest of what I was going to post for another day :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wow, I can't beleive how fast I forgot how to put different things on my blog! It's really frustrating :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I gave up on my last blog about a year ago and decided facebook was much eaisier :) But I decided that I miss all my blogger friends. So guess I will try it again!!!!